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Changes to Make the NFL More Exciting!

24 Sep , 2023  

With the 2023 NFL season underway, I want to share the changes that I most recommend for improving the NFL. Many of these would make the game more exciting and add strategy to the game. Strategy and Rule Changes: Goal Line On Side Possession: If a team wants the ball after a kickoff, let them […]

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Is Your DNA Privacy Protected? – Probably Not – Read Why

9 Sep , 2023  

Companies often grapple with the challenges of respecting customer privacy. Although most firms do not seek to cause or do harm, data breaches, inadvertent misuse of data, and unauthorized publishing of data seem to ultimately happen. Data on a social media site, on a shopping site, or from your gym membership may seem sensitive. But, […]

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College Football – Data on Who is a Fan – Are you a Fan?

8 Sep , 2023  

With the college football in full swing, it is worth a look to see how the teams stack-up, not based on rankings, but based on fan loyalty. Big Data and Data Visualization help us with this and lead to some interesting insights. College football also offers us a great opportunity to look at the Big […]

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Opportunities for AI in Our Daily Lives

4 Sep , 2023  

It seems that 2023 will be go down as the year of AI. We see thousands of new jobs, billions in investment, and a great deal or excitement in how AI will be used in business. In such applications, the focus is often to 1) Replace costly workers 2) Make costly workers more efficient or […]

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Back to School Advice

4 Sep , 2023  

Fall is in full swing here in Seattle; the first of the maples are turning orange and the summer has quickly cooled. For me, it is a great change to move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and to be part of a fine institution like the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. […]

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Inflation – Predicting the Winners

12 Nov , 2021  

The recent report of the Consumer Price Index topping 6.2% has sent shiver of inflation fears into the market. However, this inflationary hit seems different than the inflation seen in recent episodes of high inflation. Examining this will help us determine who are the winners and losers of the current inflation spike. How is the […]

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5 Valuable Uses of AI to Improve Daily Life

7 Nov , 2021  

In most every example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business, there is a chat bot or robot or algorithm that attempts to replace a human. We surely will see such replacement via AI, but augmentation is also a value approach and is far more attainable and perhaps even more valuable. In augmentation, a AI process […]

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Zillow – 7 Lucky Lessons in Risk and Analytical Predictions

4 Nov , 2021  

Zillow recently announced that it is pulling the plug on its once highly touted house buying machine. Indeed, it was suppose to be a machine, one that used billions of pieces of data to find arbitrage opportunities in the market using algorithms. Buy a house in a surging market, fix it up (quick someone call […]

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Big Data to Big Profits Named a Top Blog by Feedspot

17 Mar , 2019  

Thanks to all of you that read and follow my blog, I am pleased to report that Big Data to Big Profits has been named a top blog in Big Data in and Analytics by Feedspot. This is especially an honor, given the many large, corporate, and multi-author blogs that are also on the list. […]

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Digital Disruption: Are you Netflix or Blockbuster?

15 Sep , 2018  

Are you Netflix or Blockbuster?

A great focus for many startups, investors, and entrepreneurs is creating the next Netflix, Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb – namely to be a digital disruptor. Netflix conquered the analog and physical model of Blockbuster by bringing a digital layer to measure customers, movies, and even brand placements. Before Netflix, Blockbuster was the media channel of preference. It died a rather quick death when media and media consumption became digital.

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