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AI and Digital Systems Failure = Arrests and Big Expenses at Hertz

18 Sep , 2023  

We are now more reliant than ever on digital systems to manage and control physical systems. We enjoy using systems like Ring to manage the front door and Nest to manage the HVAC system. Even my irrigation system has a digital interface and an app that makes turning on the sprinklers a breeze. Companies, of […]

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Is Your DNA Privacy Protected? – Probably Not – Read Why

9 Sep , 2023  

Companies often grapple with the challenges of respecting customer privacy. Although most firms do not seek to cause or do harm, data breaches, inadvertent misuse of data, and unauthorized publishing of data seem to ultimately happen. Data on a social media site, on a shopping site, or from your gym membership may seem sensitive. But, […]

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College Football – Data on Who is a Fan – Are you a Fan?

8 Sep , 2023  

With the college football in full swing, it is worth a look to see how the teams stack-up, not based on rankings, but based on fan loyalty. Big Data and Data Visualization help us with this and lead to some interesting insights. College football also offers us a great opportunity to look at the Big […]

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Opportunities for AI in Our Daily Lives

4 Sep , 2023  

It seems that 2023 will be go down as the year of AI. We see thousands of new jobs, billions in investment, and a great deal or excitement in how AI will be used in business. In such applications, the focus is often to 1) Replace costly workers 2) Make costly workers more efficient or […]

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